an intelligent, suave, and attractive male person who attracts the attention of the world's finest ladies, but is modest enough to not let it get to his head. an ankur is sexy, confident, charismatic, and is an all-round top person.
"i met an ankur today. he blew my mind away"

"that guy is such an ankur. everyone wishes to be him, or be with him"
by Radhika85 November 3, 2007
an uncle ji that gives you water at the temple
man that guy that guy is such an ankur
by Shegra September 24, 2006
A sexy girl, who turns heads when she walks into a room. Her magnetic eyes and personality leaves everyone speechless. She always, always gets what she wants. Always.
That girl is such an Ankur.
by Fly Humble. February 5, 2016
A shithead who is of no use to his friends. He says he is getting a graphics card and a gsync monitor, but actually doesn't even get Jio in his locality. He is a noob but blames it on his monkey and says "Abey hacker hai sab". He is an ardent Bajrang Dal member and wants to die a virgin. He is sad that "Mandir wahi nahi bana". ;_;
When life gives you friends, make sure it's not Ankur Upadhyay.
by HaWntR April 14, 2019