When a boi is so thicc, he shall be referred as a "thicc boi"
"Damn, Ethan Klein is such a thicc boi."
by ThiccBoiLover September 5, 2017
a boi so overwhelmingly wide that he must be referred to as a "thicc boi" in all circumstances. Such a specimen must be stout of heart and girthy in ass. His thiccness is his greatest asset and his enemy is swimwear.
Look at the size of his ass, Ethan is truly a thicc boi
by Troglodyte_ December 5, 2018
when a boi is so thicc and got that good squish in all the right places ... he also has a glock in his rari
you see that thicc boi listening to soft drake ?
oh yea that’s thicc boi glock
by soft drake August 16, 2018
a thicc boi
that was one thicc boi
by NUTTTTHICCBOII January 20, 2018
usually associated with a matthew,michael or jordan
he is a thicc boi his name is probably matthew
by michaelmccruden March 27, 2018