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When a person is engaging in sexual endeavors and starts feeling crumbs and the partner says it's just bread crumbs and the other partner says "I don't believe it"
Man - What the hell are these?

Woman - It's just bread crumbs

Man - That's crumbelievable
by stghm June 26, 2006
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A channel that everyone who grew up in the 90s has nostaglia for. Although they claim the cartoons were better, they actually were no better than today's cartoons, and they only remember them to be better because now they are older and are biased for the shows they grew up with and see how stupid the new ones are.
"Bring back the old Nickelodeon shows, sign the petitions"
by stghm June 8, 2006
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A summary of any amount of whining "BAWWWWW"
But man, my parents are starting to really tick me off. I swear to God one of these days I'm just going to yell directly in their face, I won't care if they cry even. I mean I'm in fucking fourth year and yet still tired from school come home lay on the couch and, no can't play games on any days except Wednesday and the weekend, cause games are BAD THINGS in their eyes. Anyways I come home to day and then head out to go pick up some pens for inking a little project and then I forgot about my Geography project so quickly did that in two hours... then my Dad comes home and instantly it's "Why are there dishes in the sink!" not "Hello son, how was your day?

I swear and what pisses me off even more is how they think we just laze around and play video games when we get home. They're so... just... ARGH! Sometimes I just want to scream at them just two little words: "FUCK YOU!"


by stghm August 5, 2007
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A group of people who are too fat to walk, so they ride around on electric scooters in places like the Mall. In groups, they tend to swerve around each other and wreak havoc by damaging fixtures, kiosks, and merchandise with their clumsy mass.
1. Look, there go the Mini Coopers! I hope they don't ram the watch kiosk again.

2. The mini coopers were struggling to turn around in a narrow aisle full of fragile merchandise.

by stghm August 13, 2008
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A way of typing similar to AOL speak, except this is used by 11 to 16 year old nerds/gamers/losers/otakus/super-losers to make themselves feel cooler because they have jokes and a "code" that the majority of people will struggle to understand. Thus making the nerds feel superior, when infact they still have greasy hair, few practical skills, glasses, and they are still generally disliked. These "1337" nerds will also be more likely to recite internet jokes aloud.
Boy1 - I am 1337, you are a girl, you must bow down to my superior gaming skills.

Girl - What? You're annoying.

Boy1 - My phallus shall own you. My phallus is made of win and god.

Girl - Eew, get away perv.

Boy2 - What the shit?

Boy1 - You guys are newbs.

Boy2 - Fucking loser.

Boy1 - { exeunt all but Boy1 } He is less intelligent than I. I am going to talk about this event on my blog, my reader will agree. I am soo cool to have a female reader.

by stghm May 30, 2006
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A word used used by people who don't like anime to mock Anime and people who talk about it too much.

It's not very "offensive" though. A more offensive word would be weaboo or wapanese.
by stghm July 4, 2006
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I enjoy computers and such.
I like computers n' shit

We were all freaked out 'n' shit

Oh we went to the zoo and they had lions and tigers n' shit
by stghm May 4, 2007
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