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The abbr. of Sado Masochism. A sexual act involving two or more participants whom having overwhelming amount of desire to either sexually torture others or be sexually tortured by others. Also associated with BDSM.
My friend had went to a SM party last night; that's why they stayed home today because it is a tiring activity.
by jongu January 27, 2004

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Japanese romanized word tenshi means angel when translated into English. THe original context means the messenger of heaven. This word is not commonly used in the contemporary Enlish language but was understood among anime fans.
Ah! Look at that girls walking on the other side of the sidewalk; she's a tenshi.
by jongu June 13, 2004

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The sound of "H" in japanese phoneme which is a shorthand for saying "hentai".
The most commonly used word for "sex" in modern time Japan; was also used for defining erotic means across the internet by foreigners.
Japanese way: Have you ecchi-ed with your boyfriend?
Foreign way: damn this ecchi site is been banned, awwwh I wasted soo much money on getting the membership key.
by jongu May 24, 2004

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A guy who is best known for having overexcess amount of H. The word literally means "Mushroom" in Asian language, but was later translated by Californians.
What's up jongu; how many gallons of milk did you milk last night?
by jongu January 27, 2004

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Another variation of anime created by the anti AJ, animejunkies, protesters. This terms is used to show parallelism with AJ's "correct" translation - converting from Japanese -> Korean -> English.
Never say "Naked Child Event" in AJ's mirc chan, coz they will kill you like killing an ant.
by jongu June 13, 2004

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