The pronounciation of anime by dyslexic people.
That Emu likes to watch animu.
by dioyuji September 13, 2006
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To be hung like a rougue elephant. The perfect male in the female subconcious. A very bad man. The ability to outdrink anyone ata table in a sitting. To be endowed with an egotistical manner undefeatable other men.
That man is an animus darling. He's already assfucked me and your sister I suggest you try and dispose of him with 30 rums before you become another one of his anal statistics.
by Kapitan Hahn Faust February 03, 2004
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The term used in the β€œWings of Fire” book series to describe a dragon who has magical abilities. Like making a coconut float or something or other. However when ever an animus casts a spell, they loose a piece of their soul until nothing is left of them, and they go berserk and kill everyone in sight.
Darkstalker is an Animus
by Puppie89 April 11, 2018
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Another variation of anime created by the anti AJ, animejunkies, protesters. This terms is used to show parallelism with AJ's "correct" translation - converting from Japanese -> Korean -> English.
Never say "Naked Child Event" in AJ's mirc chan, coz they will kill you like killing an ant.
by jongu June 13, 2004
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An Animu, a person that complains about anime drawings yet has either never watched one or refuses to consider it 'art'.

Animu's regularly band together and complain about 'front page' artwork's on DA(Deviant Art) or other popular art site’s about how ugly or silly an artwork is because it is in the style of Anime regardless of how well drawn and/or non anime style it actually is.

Animu's (the ones who have the balls at least) also comment on people's art and User pages complaining about how they never draw any 'REAL' art and rant about how 'popular' they are and that they don’t deserve it.

A majority of Animu's are unable to spell correctly and have poor artistic abilities.
1: UGH, srsly whts with all this anime cr*p! why the h3ll r u su populr? when r u gunna draw sum r3al ART?
2: Stop being such an Animu.. e.e

To see Animu's in their natural habitat browse the popular section on DeviantArt or search on encyclopediadramatica for 'Shit on the front page'.
by EvOl-IeDxIh July 31, 2011
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