Angus is an awesome person that everybody loves. & he gets all the rootz coz hes a hotttayyyyy
Her to friend: Omg thats guy must be an Angus hes so hot.
by 打 打 打 打 打 May 3, 2020
the sexiest mf ever. when he stares at you with that look in his sea-green eyes your stomach goes craaazy with butterflies and when he holds you in those strong arms you just cant think straight
person A: who tf is that hottie?
person B: the one absolutely dripping with sexiness? oh thats angus
by mayawithay May 11, 2022
A person that will fake cry so he can flirt and get sexually close to girls
Did you just flirt with that dead guys girlfriend, wow your such an Angus
by Jake and Kayden April 10, 2019
Angus is a piece of fucking shit. He speaks like an autistic person and gets a detention everyday. It is clear that Angus does not have any friends, but sometimes people act like they are friends with him to boost his self confidence. It really does suck to be an Angus. He is mostly gay and sometimes down syndrome. Angus does things for clout like pulling his pants down and humping tree's but no one laughs and he ends up looking like a fool.
"Hey, do you know Angus?"

"Yeah, he is a bit of a loser."

"Yeah it really does suck to be him."
by deathernater22 March 19, 2020
short and gets rejected by every girl, a fat simp and very very gay!
by its_rumane-fam March 6, 2020
The Angus refers to the G spot in the Anus.

Elaboration - If you remove G from the word "Angus", you are only left with "Anus".
"The impossible has happened. Bob found my Angus last night. I didn't even know I had one!!"
by hatthered January 5, 2018