A burning sensation in the rectal area as a result of the consumption of large amounts of spicy foods.
Damn...those hot wings gave me angry ass.
by AA Sufferer January 9, 2005
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rectal pain, especially caused by excessive wiping after a bout of diarrhea; any kind of discomfort of the asshole; the great equalizer
Those PBRs had me blasting all morning, and now I've got serious angry ass.
by Nick Victim May 6, 2004
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The burning sensation and sometimes itchiness after a big shit where diarrhea was present, whether you wipe enough or not.
damn dude, i jus had the runs, now i got angry ass
by Brian D. H. June 23, 2006
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When you take a shit and the stench is overwhelming and unbearable.
You might not wanna go in the bathroom just yet. I have angry ass.
by angrymotherfucker November 19, 2007
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An ass so perfect that it makes the person looking at it want to growl aloud & assault it, as if angry.

An ass so beautiful that it demands attention, like an angry patron.
My husband says he married me for my angry ass.
by Holly M S May 12, 2010
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A issue or problem that has become so inflamed as to cause constant, painful irritation that can only be relieved by squeezing the sucker until it bursts.(Metaphor)
That Michael Moore has really given the GOP an angry ass hair
by Big Yowl March 29, 2005
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A dope ass clothing brand created by a dope ass dude in portsmouth nh.
Dude I need to get myself an angry ass threads tshirt
by Harry pairatestes January 25, 2015
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