An awesome girl who is known to be pretty and the nicest girl around. she can be a bit moody at times but most of the time she is incredibly happy and loves each day as it goes by. Anette is known to have a great sense of style where ever she is. She has awesome hair and a great sense of humor.

Anette is generally nice and loving towards people she loves, and people that she may not know entirely. Anette is grateful of her friends and her family and life altogether.
Person:Hey Anette, can we talk about something that has been bothering me?
Anette: Sure!
by spsppdfhkbvoboufvrv March 6, 2017
A beautiful bubbly person usually connected to art. Struggles through life, but loves looking after people. Needs more self reflective time to focus on herself. Overall a courageous person with nice smelling hair.
Mmm something smells good, oh its just anette
by zacefronfan101 December 4, 2014
A beautiful person that cares for other people and that can sometimes bc loud but everyone loves her she’s so kind and sweet and she has rlly good friends and whoever that is her friend is rlly lucky bc Anett is I rlly caring and kind person
ANETTS caring
by Dillinger Lewis May 27, 2019
Anette is such a smart, beautiful, well working girl. Anette will do anything she puts her mind to. She will always have an attitude at some point but over all she is such a sweet, amazing girl. She will always have your back no matter if your in a fight or if your not even friends. She works hard to get what she wants. She has such amazing friendships with her friends its not even real. Any guy would be so lucky to date an Anette. Shes a real keeper.
person 1: Your dating anette now dude?
person 2: Yeah dude, shes so beautiful and kind. Shes a keeper.
by Liv Clair April 24, 2018
Anette is a beautiful, smart, kind, and artistic girl. Her personality and her looks will make you fall in love with her before you even know it. Anettes are are known to make great couples with Jaimes. When a Jaime and an Anette get together there’s nothing they can’t do, and if you meet an Anette and a Jaime that are together I assure you, you will envy them.
Jose: I can’t believe you let Jaime steal Anette from you.
Irvin: Jave you seem Jaime? I don’t blame her for leaving and going with him.
Jose: That’s true, but we gotta admit they make a great couple.
by TheGreatThanatos April 1, 2018
blonde girl who is smart, hilarious and very loud when u get to know her. haha oh and by the way she cant stop combing her hair and is obsessed with polish guys. . and she wants to become a lifgaurd and rescue hot polish guys all the time. and loves hitting them balls in tennis.
max: boy, that anett girl is loud.
rob: well at least she likes polish guys like me
by her best frieend November 29, 2011