Euphemistic term for a prostitute, often preferred by the sex workers themselves.
She: I don't like being called a whore or a prostitute.
He: How would you describe yourself then?
She: I'm a working girl.
by starflier December 08, 2003
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Work-it Girl is an inside joke me and my friends have.
If someones says "Work-it girl!" in a sassy feminine voice, all the people around start doing 10 squats.

Each time they do a squat, they count.
Guy A: Work-it Girl!
Guy B: *starts doing squats* "1,2,3,4..."
by crack of the car seat August 31, 2020
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physical activities, especially job-related, that are deemed "beneath" one's own personal view of themselves and their own perceived worth, from the belief that "beautiful girls" have laid-back, easy jobs while "ugly girls" do the manual labor, grueling jobs.
"why don't you pick up a broom and help sweep around this place?"

"excuse me? i don't think so! that's ugly girl work there!"
by bottomboy_tj June 05, 2015
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having sex with someone different every night, when you are married

see my definition working late

made famous in a film 40 days and 40 nights
mark: did you know tom is working a different girl every night?

carl: ohhhhhhh what an asshole, his wife is sooooooo hot and she is nice to him

mark: i know, i might go round there when hes not there and "tell her"
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