1) Used to differentiate individual tendencies within the anarchist movement.
2) Used by doctrines not related to anarchism that wish to be interpreted as such.
3) A prefix used to mock doctrines unrelated to anarchism that claim to be anarchists
1) Anarcho-primitivist, anarcho-communist, anarcho-syndicalist, anarcho-feminist
2) Anarcho-capitalism
3) Anarcho-hucksters, anarcho-swindlers, anarcho-bosses.
by Agent Zero September 28, 2003
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I think its time the anarchos raise the stakes at the next summit protest.
by Agent Zero September 28, 2003
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The one who is able to understand that authority and discipline are immutable moral values, not needing a government or even a technocrat to tell him what is right or wrong. It aims at a society without the evils of modernity: representative mass democracy, technological vices, liberalism, feminism, gender equality, socialism, materialism, consumerism, narcissism, cosmopolitanism, ecumenism, mass media, the myth of success and progress, populism, Global financial system, globalization . Someone beyond the right-left spectrum, evils of The French Revolution. It proposes a simpler life, being able to develop within its true potential, a true existence. It can grudgingly accept any decentralized state, as long as it does not violate its culture, dignity and morality. One who is anti-system and believes in a rebirth of an organic society.
"The anarcho-reactionary is anti-system and sees the materialist world in decline."
by tradical June 4, 2021
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A movement toward stateless agrarian patriarchy as a revolt against modernism and its discontents. May take on racialist attributes; closely related to anarcho-fascism.

Fundamental tenet of the alt-right
Tradicals espouse anarcho-traditionalism as a way to rebel against centralization and its manifestations--capitalism, Marxism, and democracy. They propound flat horizontal authority and view tribal-racial or village patriarchy as the supreme vertical authority
by sandrashine July 12, 2017
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The notion that one is the supreme and ultimate authority over themselves.
As an anarcho-fascist, I am my own Führer.
by SteamedHams May 16, 2018
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Anarcho-fascism is based on the premise that in post-capital (cryptocurrency-centric) societies, racial identitarianism loses its stigma.

Anarcho-fascism or national (nationalist) anarchism propounds that only ethnic cohesion can form self-referential societies in the wake of capitalism's collapse.

In the absence of identitarian action, national anarchism believes that capitalism--specifically global capitalism--will collapse into Marxism.

The exclusive precursor to 5G (fifth generation) warfare.
Troy Southgate is responsible for anarcho-fascism's foundational premise: populist tribalism loses its stigma in a post-capital society.
by sandrashine June 19, 2018
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A political ideology in which the monarch is counterposed against state bureaucracy, a representative for the people against the state. A dark messiah.

Originates from Max Stirner's individualistic interpretation of Wilhelm Hegel's synthesis; and propounded by Friedrich Nietszche's construction of the 'Ubermensch' or Superman.

Closely related to totalitarian democracy or inverted totalitarianism.

Individualist anarchism.
Bane in Dark Knight rises is an example of anarcho-monarchism; a totalitarian leader who claims to 'give Gotham back to its people.'
by sandrashine December 2, 2017
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