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A political ideology in which the monarch is counterposed against state bureaucracy, a representative for the people against the state. A dark messiah.

Originates from Max Stirner's individualistic interpretation of Wilhelm Hegel's synthesis; and propounded by Friedrich Nietszche's construction of the 'Ubermensch' or Superman.

Closely related to totalitarian democracy or inverted totalitarianism.

Individualist anarchism.
Bane in Dark Knight rises is an example of anarcho-monarchism; a totalitarian leader who claims to 'give Gotham back to its people.'
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by kvikaas December 01, 2017
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Anarcho-Monarchism might seem like the ultimate contradiction.

Philosophically speaking, anarchism has a strong anti-democratic tradition that, far from seeing anarchism as being democracy carried to its logical conclusion, is actually far closer to being instead aristocracy universalised. Monarchy can be reinvented as a concept to serve a distinctively libertarian ethos, if one can see in the monarch a symbol of sovereignty that is reflected in the absolute sovereignty of the free individual. The word 'king' is derived from the word 'kin' - so kingship denotes kinship, the king or queen being a symbolic guardian of the people's freedom and self-determination. Thus handed down generation to generation, the monarch carries the genetic inheritance of the people in a bond of mutual co-inherence.
"What ideology did you say you follow?"


"What the heck is that?"
by Vech October 19, 2011
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A political system that falls under anarcho-capitalism, of which a private land owner the 'King' acts as a landlord, renting out land to citizens via a voluntary contract with certain conditions similar to that of a set of laws. In anarcho-monarchism, the 'citizens' transfer the ownership rights of all things they produce or have to the 'King' but are granted usage rights to those things with certain amounts possibly taken away as 'taxation' according to the citizenship contract.

An anarcho-monarchy is not a government as it is not a monopoly on aggression(initiation of force). All actions taken by a 'King' in an anarcho-monarchy are fully consensual.
"I follow anarcho-monarchism as if government ever gets abolished and anarcho-capitalism is established, I will make myself a king over my land"
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