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Anarcho-fascism is based on the premise that in post-capital (cryptocurrency-centric) societies, racial identitarianism loses its stigma.

Anarcho-fascism or national (nationalist) anarchism propounds that only ethnic cohesion can form self-referential societies in the wake of capitalism's collapse.

In the absence of identitarian action, national anarchism believes that capitalism--specifically global capitalism--will collapse into Marxism.

The exclusive precursor to 5G (fifth generation) warfare.
Troy Southgate is responsible for anarcho-fascism's foundational premise: populist tribalism loses its stigma in a post-capital society.
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by kvikaas June 19, 2018
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The theory that an anarchic society, having no infringements, can and should be brought about through a harsh authoritarian state. It is believed that since the people don't come to this freedom on their own, it must be imposed on them.
When Mr. X rose to power, he created a society based on anarcho-fascism.
by eefhead February 28, 2009
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