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A cream like substance that normally comes in a tube however, it also does sometimes come inside a small plastic container. This cream is meant to be applied to your anus with one finger that has a plastic wrap on it or a glove. It is important to not spread germs so it is recommended that you wash your hands before applying the cream. Even though anal cream can have many uses, some of them are to relieve anal discomfort and to stop itching.
"Hey, Mom?"
"Yea, Sam? What do you need?"
"When you go to the store can you see if there's any anal cream? Lately it's been kind of uncomfortable and a little bit itchy down there."
by cornporn June 06, 2017
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the ceam substance that comes out of the ass of someone getting fisted
jamie likes to fist people so he can eat the anal cream on pancakes
by (hu)BB February 17, 2004
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