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to steal.

origin: mariokart 64. the 'ghost' item randomly stole another player's weapon.
Oh shit yo he ghosted by shells!
by Doomie June 11, 2004
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1. v. to do something.
2. v. to go somewhere.
3. a battle cry/call to arms.
4. dispense a beat down.

Origin: "capture the bear" megatokyo t-shirt.
1. Let's go capture the burr.
2. Wanna go capture the burr at WaWa?
4. I'll capture YOUR burr!
by Doomie June 11, 2004
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After an hour of jacking it with no results, Dorian went to bed with unsexed dick-nuts.
by Doomie June 7, 2004
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A religion pioneered by a young man in Wilmington Delaware, following the simple philosophy of: If there is a God, das' coo'. If there isn't a god, das'coo' too.
Ivan doesn't care enough about religion to have a real opinion, so he calls himself a Dascooist.
by Doomie June 8, 2004
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Any make of van or minivan sporting specifically a black spraypaint paintjob, a jolly roger on the hood and large red anarchy signs on the driver and front passenger doors.
My plymouth voyager is the epitome of Vanarchy.
by Doomie June 7, 2004
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Also known as "the stranger."
Masturbatory practice in which you sit on your hand until it falls asleep, then go to town on yourself, thus giving the sensation that someone else is wanking you.
Ron was so lonely, he had to use the Invisible Hand technique to keep from blowing his brains out.
by Doomie June 8, 2004
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something obtained either by nailing a girl in the ass while on the toilet, taking a dump, or by fucking ten drunk asian bookworms.
Sam hit the brown-eye on the toilet, thus earning the Crown.
by Doomie June 8, 2004
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