A phrase used to cope with the terrible feminists out there in the world.

Many women get their egos hurt by this remark and if it does it is directed towards them.

Sometimes men do want to kill all women because of the horrible women in the world so yes, its a joke.
Feminist: Kill all men!
Man: How about I kill all women instead? Would you like that? Huh?
by tacowithpeanutbutter11 January 19, 2023
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a very hurtful phrase that should be given much more attention after it caused an 11-year-old boy who took it seriously to attempt suicide. Everyone seems to be fully accepting of this despite the fact that it's proven to hurt innocent little boys and not just adult men.

It is not a gender-related issue but a form of cyber-bullying that needs to be stopped if there's anyone left in this world who still has a heart.
Online Bully: Men are disgusting and useless. They are literally all scumbags and rapists. #KillAllMen

Me: Who do you think you are to say something like that? You're not a feminist, and you're not a misandrist. You're just a plain old bully. #StopOnlineBullying

Kill all men is cyberbullying and hate speech.
by standing up for what's right February 1, 2023
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A sexist term to combat the “Kill All Men” sexists on the female side.
Women are sexist-
Woman: Kill a men..
Man: equal rights equal rights... KILL ALL WOMEN
by FascistLeader393 February 16, 2021
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To slay or to destroy tires in an aggressive fashion, Ex: drifting, burnouts, hooning, etc.
The man exclaimed “kill all tires!” And while he shredded his 240sx
by Slapgod May 11, 2019
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Hahaha. Aaahahahaha. AAAAHAHAHAHAHA! go fuck yourself if you believe in this philosophy. You need mental help
Mental health patient: Kill all men
Everyone else: get help
by Jakenator November 5, 2021
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One of the most retarded, shitty, fucking useless phrase on the internet.
Females that say this shows how fucking insecure and useless they are to society.

Even if they claim its a "joke" and they dont actually want to kill all men (well they cant they'll just die trying) DONT

FUCKING SAY IT? Is it really that hard to do that?

Maybe it is for some braindead rotten feminists out there.

But if you are a real woman, a valueable woman dont ever say this.
She said "kill all men"
Then I bloodied her fucking face up
by tacowithpeanutbutter11 January 19, 2023
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