The best. A state of awesomeness or something that is the most awesome.
Dude! That weed was ALPHA!
by matt October 17, 2004
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The first letter of the Greek alphabet, used to denote the first or foremost item of a set, for example by biologists to refer to the highest ranking in a social group of animals. More recently, out of the MRA cesspool leaked a travesty of this concept, applying it to (exclusively male) humans. Used by overgrown boys to refer to themselves, as apposed to everybody else being a beta, a cuck, or a peasant. Fancy themselves kings of the world because they got laid once, or at least claim to have been. Completely fall apart the second someone questions their weak charade of masculinity. Sure sign of an infantile dipshit and/or massive douche.
I was like, I am the alpha male I get to fuck all the bitches, and you are just a weak beta cuck. Anyway, the dentist said it will take two or three more sessions to fix this.
by toomuchBS February 4, 2018
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n. the leader of a given fraternity. Usually seen in the frat picture wearing Lacoste shorts and shirt with a Ralph Lauren sports coat, Gucci sunglasses, and holding a cat. He is usually sweet as fuck.
"Hello, welcome to the party. I am the alpha of this fraternity." "You're sweet as fuck!" "I know."
by Col. Hans Landa August 1, 2011
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A lonely man with no friends and gets no bitches. He plays cards like a nerd with his friend lucas.
by 1234231 February 13, 2017
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when one shows mega dominance over others, and appears more powerful than may meet the eye. alpha's tend to be arrogant, however everyone wants to be the alpha!
person 1: i am a dominant alpha!
person 2: *runs away*
by youeboom123 May 31, 2021
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Your really good friend. Your bud, your pal, your more-than-acquaintance, your alpha :D
<Smack> Happy birthday, my alpha!
<RotoTiki> Dude! You remembered! My bitch girlfriend didn't remember!
by WordMastar June 30, 2003
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