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Allanis' are very beautiful and creative. They have a lot of fun with people but can be shy at times. Allanis' are happy all the time. Allanis' are short but they can be tall. Allanis' are unique they love being their own person and they are sporty and girly!
1. Man look at her she is Allanis

2. OMG she is so Allanis

3. I want to be Allanis
by Sweg master 101 January 03, 2014
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Allanis is often used when describing famous singer Alanis Morissette. It may also be the most amazing person whom you are aquanted with and hands down the sexiest person in the room at all times. Allanis tend to be wonderful singers and more on the artistic side. They are tough yet soft as a muffin all at the same time and will constantly make you drool and bed due to their stunning good looks.
What a great voice she has; she must be an Allanis for sure.
by Pie flavor December 21, 2016
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