This is an expression that means a girl or woman is a little curvey. She might have larger (or thick) thighs, Good ass, and big boobs, but she is not fat or overweight. If you get called this, it’s a good thing.
Ex: Ooooo boy, look at that girl, SHE THICK
by GirlGril June 13, 2019
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SHe THiCK MEaNS A GiRL THaT HaS MEaT ON HeR BoNeS.....THiS COULD MEaN SHe HaS BoDy....ASS.....TiTS.....HiPs......OR SHe COuLD Be A LiTTle THiCk In ThE MiD SECTiON.
DaMN SHe ThICk.....U SHoULD GeT At HeR PiMP.
by LaKi MaCC May 9, 2008
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She has a thick thighs and a fat butt but every thing above that is thin and twiggy.
by Shavahn104 December 12, 2018
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When you see a girl that looks good enough to be true and has a curvy look into her.
"Ay you see shorty ova there"
"Damn she thick!!!"
by YaBoiJohnn September 4, 2017
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