The Allah Visa Swipe is a sexual manouvere referring to Asians immigrating into Europe illegally. It is when the male of the relationship excretes onto a plastic card, often their Visa (hence the name) and then swipes it between the breasts and bottom-cheeks of the lady (or man). It is a way of visually representing the way immigrants take the piss (or shit) out of our country and take advantage of how desperate we are, we actually let them shit on our society and then rub it around by telling their friends and family back home, thus spreading the shit everywhere.
The man running the corner shop receives a payment via visa, however the PIN code checker is not working so in order to make sure the visa is legal (possibly ironic) he pulls down his trousers, takes a shit on the card, and swipes it down the lady's clevage. She just got Allah Visa Swiped.
by Leg End May 7, 2008
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An arabic phrase, known as the Takbir. Directly translates to "Allah is Greatest" (Or God is the Greatest).
The imam recited Allah Hu Akbar, and the prayer commenced.
by Cloth Talk November 28, 2017
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A term used when someone looks like they would do a terrorisim realated act; A phrase used to annoy persian people
"Hey, do you see that muslim guy"
"Ya, watch this. I DO IT FOR ALLAH!!!"
by Chris Bosh May 31, 2007
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Hey did forget to bring the chips?
Don't worry dude, its allah good, I got them right here.
by starsky888 April 20, 2010
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A very kickass Mr. Bungle song, off their second album Disco Volante. Prince of Persia on acid. Ruined people's speakers back in the 90s
I was late to school because I listened to Desert Search for Techno Allah the day before a bunch.
by dudeperson35 December 5, 2012
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An expression used by southern Lebanese women in the time frame of 1982 - 2000 to express anger or disappointment with a certain bad event
Mhommad: *accidentally trips and breaks mother's makdous jar*
Em mhammad: Allah yheddek ya Israil
by Ghadeer553 July 31, 2019
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