To rile, mock, or be a jerk to another person whether or not the person is joking or being serious.
I know what I am so don't take the piss.
Don't worry about him hes just taking the piss.
by nyqs81 September 21, 2005
To tease mercilessly or in such a way no one would believe you or to treat someone badly in order to get what you want.
1. (British & Australian very informal) to make a joke about someone or to make someone look silly (often + out of ) They always take the piss out of her because she's a Barry Manilow fan. 'You should wear miniskirts more often - you've got the legs for them.' 'Are you taking the piss?' (British & Australian very informal!)
2. (British & Australian very informal) to treat someone badly in order to get what you want Four pounds an hour is taking the piss. £50 for that old thing? That's just taking the piss.
by Devilish69 September 29, 2013
To greedily demand an unreasonable effort or price.

British/Australian origins.
"My physics prof makes us go to 2 labs a week, and half the time we just end up using them to help him mark papers. He really takes the piss."
by Eversion April 15, 2005
Making fun of something or someone
Hey, Jim, you're fat.
No, I'm not!
Naw, you're not really fat; I was just taking the piss.
by mapleLeaf October 21, 2003
1) to do/say something without intent

2) to do/say something for the hell of it

3) joking
Is Lola being serious or is she just taking the piss?
by Anonymous July 7, 2003
Makes fun of
Sarah always takes the piss because she reckons I have an accent but she doesn't.
by Patrick Albert May 29, 2004