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A very kickass Mr. Bungle song, off their second album Disco Volante. Prince of Persia on acid. Ruined people's speakers back in the 90s
I was late to school because I listened to Desert Search for Techno Allah the day before a bunch.
by dudeperson35 December 5, 2012
One of the most Irish last names you can have.
All the teachers at my school think I'm from Ireland because my last name is McKiernan.
by dudeperson35 November 17, 2012
A series of five simple but funny cartoon videos on YouTube by TomSka. Also written and voiced by TomSka and others, the first asdfmovie has 37+million views so far. These videos are known for their clever and random aproach to comedy, and each video is made up of several skits that last about 10 seconds. And while these videos are funny, they're also kind of old, and have lots of versions on YouTube, and it's mostly that kind of laugh-to-yourself comedy.

Also called ass-duff-moo-vee.
The real life version of asdfmovie sucks.
by dudeperson35 November 4, 2012
An emoticon for Santa Claus, basically. Also can mean Christmas or in the Christmas Spirit.
I told my brother that if he wasn't good this year that *<|:-) wouldn't come to see him.
by dudeperson35 November 19, 2012
A great movie that came out in late summer 2011 with great action and a great cast.
Hey, wanna see Rise of the Planet of the Apes this weekend?
by dudeperson35 August 21, 2011