Plural possesive form of y'all. Used when addressing a group of 3 or more. Not to be confused with all y'alls, the plural non possesive form.

Sometimes spelled as all ya'll's, depending on what state you are in.
Hey, all y'all's car alarms are going off!

by MichelleW August 1, 2006
Southern slang for "your"
Hey kids, are these all y'all's pork rinds?
by Anomaly July 4, 2005
noun. Short for everyone come over here. Everyone. EVERYONE!!!!
by Jokig April 28, 2011
Technically "all y'all" is overkill because "y'all" is a contraction of "you all" which already includes the word "all."
NA- "y'all" would replace "all y'all" in any sentence.
by Your Favorite Churro August 16, 2022
A phrase to tick off residents of the UK invented by The Cheat and made famous by Strong Bad.
This will be great just say "screw all y'all"
by lunar April 4, 2003
A statement of defiant dismissal that one gives to one's haters.
by lichno August 13, 2018