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someone who has renounced the slut lifestyle, usually by becoming a born again christen, but falls again into the dark pits of sluting.
for a while he was doing good after the party last night he became a reslut.
by bigposerhead February 8, 2005
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a google search where the end result is only one webpage being found. some criteria include: two words that are defined by dictionary.com. no use of quotation marks are allowed. and the resulting page must be a real article not just a list of words. an entire community has sprung up around googlewhacking. you can go to googlewhack.com for more information.
i will not list any googewhacks here since that creates a googlewhack paradox.
by bigposerhead February 8, 2005
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i found a googlewhack and plan on listing it at googlewhack.com with all the other googlewacks and henceforth creating a googlewhack paradox.
by bigposerhead February 8, 2005
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category annihilating bloodthirsty werewolf. commonly goes for the throat of its pray and especially dislikes icons of jesus.
the friendly werewolf i keep under my bed.
by bigposerhead December 1, 2004
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creating a google bomb to promote your own webpage. intentionally manipulation google page ranking to make your webpage be within the top search results.
steve lerner created a webpage french military victories which when searched for using googles im feeling lucky button. would display a spoof page suggesting search of french military defeats.
by bigposerhead February 8, 2005
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googlewack with lowered criteria of only one input word. must still comply with:
1. must be defined by dictionary.com.
2. must contain no quotation marks.
3. must link to a real article not a list of words.
googlewhacking is so yesterday. now im trying to find a googlewhackblatt.
by bigposerhead February 8, 2005
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when someone decides to ban or censor something, and that attempt to make something go away, makes it even bigger than ever before, or ever planned.
dj danger mouse's gray album in which he remixed the vocals from jay-z's the black album and the beatles white album. when emi sent a cease and desist letter to danger mouse the internet community created an intense distribution campaign
by bigposerhead February 8, 2005
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