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Being appointed to a desired position or responsibility then using that position or responsibility to help keep the views or policies of the person who appointed you in effect as a payback for being placed there. Sometimes referred to as log-rolling.
This behavior is mostly practiced by people who have always blindly trusted the power structure and never wavered from this belief as they feel that people in said positions are there due to brains, qualifications, the ability to treat others fairly or work ethic despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary, example #1 being George W Bush.
A "C" student on a good day who never touched something he couldnt screw up, he nonetheless was appointed leader of the free world by judges appointed by HIS daddy, 41 and actually a decent enough guy. He did in fact, get properly elected the second time by manipulating the fears of the stupid, the homophobic, the incestuous and the highly religious. It is amusing that these groups have such a large amount of overlap.
Being Alito means keeping everyone in their place from the rich on down to assist those at the top from having to participate in a truly meritocratic democracy and instead live to perpetuate the same type of backward 1600's English aristocracy that our ancestors deserted.
The result of this desertion was the founding of America, the greatest country the world has ever seen in large part as a rebuff to those practices and behaviors. This obvious fact seems lost on the Alito's of the world.
Allowing the moneyed classes to pass their wealth on to their offspring regardless of whether they have the brains work ethic, etc to maintain thes high societal positions is by definition antimeritocratic and at odds with the founding principles as stated in many historical American documents, beginning with the Federalist papers.
Most of these snot-nosed incompetent little creeps seem to have inherited the shit for brains of a Paris Hilton, the appaling lack of business saavy of George Bush and the same revoltingly odd looks and physical appearance of Prince Charles as a result of rampant inbreeding. All are strong arguments for infaticide except for Paris, who it is rumored, sucks a mean dick. Truly a sad and disgusting lot if you ask me.
Bonus points for being Alito is given if you are a female, a minority, a homosexual or a foreigner as you can then be used as a token to help keep others of your particular class down or be a guest commentator on Fox "News" as they try to feign actual committments to openness, fairness and diversity. See: Michelle Malkin, "Log Cabin" Republicans or Ahnold.
Minus points for being an Alito are deducted if you just went to an Ivy League school, came from wealth, are a card-carrying of the John Birch Society, the Free-Masons, any segregated Country Club or certain fraternaties at select schools as it is simply expected that you should help your kind maintain said status quo. See: Strom Thurmond, Trent Lott, Antonin Scalia, Bill Frist or most Bush or Kennedy family members.
This is different from selling your soul to the devil for a place in the power structure because....
Well, give me a second to think, it'll come to me any minute now.....
Maybe it really isnt any different come to think about it.
Yalie #1: Alito is ah man, rah rah old chap and all that!
Harvard #2: Yes Charles, he'll suit our interests just fine as he IS one of us!
Alito(Princton)#3: And I duped, evaded and guilt-tripped those lame, stupid Senators into not questioning me about my membership in the Princton version of the KKK. I be paying ya's back, boss! I got's to be steppin' along now!! Clarence Thomas is mah hero!!! All hail King George, the Last!!!!
by patrick henry February 04, 2006
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Anyone who does something blatantly incorrect, while at the same time refusing to "own up" to it.
A man cheats on his wife, got caught and proceeds to blame his wife for his affair, just committed an Alito.
by #scotlandzking January 15, 2012
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