The act of four people performing one continuous 69 in a square position.
Pat: After this double date do you want to come back and build a log cabin on the living room floor?

Bob: hell yeah I call second level!
by Billk April 5, 2012
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Cindy could feel Jake knocking on the back door of her log cabin. She was nervous as it was the first time anyone or anything had entered that way before.
by Cellardoor101 October 30, 2014
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The resulting structure of several people take a dump in the same toilet without flushing.
Since my family is on a tight budget, guest in my home were often horrified at the log cabin awaiting them in the bathroom.
by Dr Poops April 21, 2013
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Where you have sex with a girl, and when she falls asleep, call some buddies over to help you shit on all for sides of the bed, so the next morning, she'll be trapped in a "log cabin" and can't get out of the bed.
"Dude! My girl's passed out, come over and help me build a log cabin for her."

Marshall: "The bitch just fell asleep after sex. Tha fuck."
Stuart: "She totally deserves to wake up in a log cabin."
by eaglefire007 July 26, 2011
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The completely non homo act of stripping your bros down, getting them rock hard, and building a Lincoln-log-like cabin with your massive boners. Dude, it's totally not gay. What's wrong with a pile of erections? Nothing... No homo.
Scott: Alright guys! Its 10:30! Time to build a log cabin!

Jeff: Oh yes guys! I've been looking forward to this all night, I've had a boner for 5 hours!

Nick: I'm pulsating.
by MassiveMangasm 8==D June 30, 2010
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A log cabin is when a girl takes on the maximum amount of boners all at once without any of them touching. Current scientific research show that the amount is 20.
Me:"19 of my friend and I just gave that chick a log cabin."
Mom: "That's nice, dear."
by Honesto abe January 30, 2011
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Reference for a $5 dollar bill because of Lincoln
Hey dog, I got a Log Cabin on it.
by Chickabong October 7, 2011
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