It's a misspelling of savvy. As in the first person's usage by Jack Sparrow, "to understand". That's the same meaning as the correct spelling, savvy.
Savvy is spelled savvy, not saavy. Savvy?
by JackJ59 January 17, 2010
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the most amazing girl on planet earth, everyone who meets her instantly falls in love with her, she is perfect in every way shape and form. This girl is amazing.
That girl Saavi over there, i wish i could date her
by Gizmo:))) March 27, 2018
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Saavy is a term used by captain jack sparrow. It is mainly asking if someone understands what you've told them
Tom had told jenny how to figure out the chem. problem when he was finished he asked "saavy"
by CharlieB* December 1, 2007
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a bodalicious babe, who has large tits and a nice ass
Did you see that Saavi over there? Damn, she was smokin'.
by acheetahcat February 11, 2013
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Being single so long you can detect a douche bag from a mile away.
Diana is so single saavy that she can recognize anyone wearing an Ed Hardy shirt is a douche bag.
by kicatlady May 20, 2014
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Affiliate and best friend of infamous rapper “BarriGuapp”, Yung Saavy appeared on BarriGuapp’s hottest single “T’D Up Remix” on SoundCloud and many other tracks on BarriGuapp’s “Love No Thot” album.
Guy #1: YOOO did you hear Yung Saavy’s verse on T’d up remix???
Guy #2: ayeee mannn, sayy mannn, that shii was straight garbage...
by Saucyjayy March 2, 2019
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