1)For others to know you agree with their point

2)To emphasise your point...Also meaning Get Me!

3)To emphasise a question...Also meaning Init
1)Jack: That New Ting In Cinema Is Sik
Mark: Alie!

2)Alie Shes A Sket!

3)She moved to South Alie?
by Loonatik August 6, 2006
When you want to make sure that everyone knows you aint lying. Deadly serious.
low it man she is safe alie
by Madie April 28, 2005
When Your Ovally Serious About Something.

Another Way Of Saying Init.
Rach;; Dat Boiiz A Wasteman Alie.

Rach;; Woo Dat Boiiz Choong.
Holly;; Alie.
by JustSomeBoomChiqq October 28, 2007
a wonderful person who cares more about her friends than anything else, she will sacrifice anything to help or to protect anyone. she is a great person to have by your side
girl: you know alie?
guy: ya! she’s great i really want to get to know her!!
by stupidbitch321 July 19, 2019
The crazy homeless niggas that smell like Listerine and hang by train stations.
Look at those Wascan Ali-Ali's!
by Tang ina gago February 16, 2018
1. (Canadian) a near synonym to bogan, an ali ali is an offensive term used for an indigenous person whom you are not fond of.
Look at that ali ali over there sipping listerine
by poopypeepoo October 7, 2019
Ali is the Lion of god
King of Arab.
Hmm what a Powerful lion
+its a Ali
by Era mo ro ge da May 12, 2021