Prison on an island in California where al capone was held.

-alcatraz is now shutdown-
Lets take a tour of alcatraz isle!
by BObo D. HObo April 29, 2004
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Legendary prison located on an island in the San Francisco Bay. Also known as "The Rock." Its about 1.5 miles away from the city. The prison had to be closed down because too many inmates were successfully busting out of the complex. The designers of the prison were stupid because they decided it was cheaper to use recycled salt water in the surrounding bay, instead of fresh water to flush the toilets. Thirty years of salt water saturation lead to erosion in the buildings, which meant that inmate Frank Morris and his buddies were able to dig holes in their cell walls with spoons, escape from the vents into the utility corridor, climb onto the roof, and bust out. The defunct prison is now a tourist attraction in San Francisco.
-Dude 1: "Yo my man, I just got out of prison. And guess what...I just visited a prison! For fun!
-Dude 2: "You mean Alcatraz? I been there. They sell all this spoons that are supposed to look like the kind that those inmates used who busted out. Why the hell would anyone want to buy a spoon that we all know ain't the real thing? I got plenty of spoons at my house. Whoever buys that junk is a fool and an idiot. Damn.
by bootysaxlick January 13, 2014
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A term used when ordering a tasty beverage with only one ice cube, or "rock."

A whole bunch of "rocks" can water down a top shelf drink, drown the flavor and waste your money. So instead of getting it "on the rocks" you can get it "Alcatraz" and show some respect for you booze.
Customer: Bartender, I'll have a Johnny Blue, Alcatraz.

Bartender: You mean on the rocks?

Customer: No, I mean one rock. If want water I'll order water.
by Magrizzle December 20, 2010
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when having anal sex with a woman, a man fists her in the vagina and jerks himself off from inside of her.
anna was a little drunk and let matty give her the alcatraz. she won't be walking right for weeks.
by anonymous6666 April 30, 2008
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Former prison island in San Francisco; now Warrington Labs, where they're manufacturing a mutant cure.
Dave: Boy, they've really done it! They've finally found a cure to put an end to this mutant mess!
Rob: I'm so glad! Alcatraz is the perfect place to manufacture a cure for mutants.
by thebear424 June 26, 2018
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When a male is sexually pleasured by his or another one's hand but in the painful technique of an Indian Burn.
I hated masturbating because when I was younger I used to do the Alcatraz Squeeze to myself.
by Carousel Carnie July 17, 2019
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Hangman's noose. to hang someone. Choke someone out. Choke.
Saddam Hussein wore an Alcatraz ascot on his way outta here. "...If they catch that fool, somebody's gonna check that neck with a Alcatraz ascot." "...look, on the sidelines appears Bears QB Rex Grossman is fitting himself with his 4th qtr Alcatraz ascot as he prepares to enter the game..."
by hanxta December 3, 2007
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