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Legendary prison located on an island in the San Francisco Bay. Also known as "The Rock." Its about 1.5 miles away from the city. The prison had to be closed down because too many inmates were successfully busting out of the complex. The designers of the prison were stupid because they decided it was cheaper to use recycled salt water in the surrounding bay, instead of fresh water to flush the toilets. Thirty years of salt water saturation lead to erosion in the buildings, which meant that inmate Frank Morris and his buddies were able to dig holes in their cell walls with spoons, escape from the vents into the utility corridor, climb onto the roof, and bust out. The defunct prison is now a tourist attraction in San Francisco.
-Dude 1: "Yo my man, I just got out of prison. And guess what...I just visited a prison! For fun!
-Dude 2: "You mean Alcatraz? I been there. They sell all this merchandise...like spoons that are supposed to look like the kind that those inmates used who busted out. Why the hell would anyone want to buy a spoon that we all know ain't the real thing? I got plenty of spoons at my house. Whoever buys that junk is a fool and an idiot. Damn.
by bootysaxlick January 12, 2014

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Scam that originates in Nigeria, usually sent out via mass emails. The scammer pretends to be a millionaire CEO and tells a fake story about having assets seized unfairly by the government, and needing somebody to help stash millions of dollars in a secret account. A 20% cut is promised as a reward, but only if you give the scammer an up-front fee, or your bank account number. Something gullible people fall for.
"Dude! I just got conned by a 419 scam! This Nigerian oil executive promised me a cut of his investment, but I gave him my bank account number and now all my money is gone!!
by bootysaxlick January 25, 2015

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Co-op on Alder Street in Eugene, OR. Directly across the street from the University of Oregon. Some of the most raging parties in the city have gone down here. When analyzed objectively, one can only conclude that this co-op is a "hipster frat." People who live at this co-op tend to not like the Eugene Police Department because a lot of weed goes in and out of the building, which means that disputes are settled by any means possible that don't involve calling the police. Chores are assigned to residents, but nobody does their chores, which means a select few people end up doing all the work. The sink is always full of messy dishes. The Campbell Club is a crazy, adventurous place.
-Dude 1: "Yo bro, theres this hot chick with dreads who lives at the Campbell Club. I totally want to get with this chick."
-Dude 2: "Just say you believe in some liberal cause."
-Dude 1: "Word."
by bootysaxlick January 12, 2014

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Short for "Otto link." A very popular jazz saxophone mouthpiece made out of metal. Some of the most sought after links are the Florida and New York vintage models. It is not uncommon to see the starting price for links on ebay at $500 or more.
-Dude 1: "I like your sound."
-Dude 2: "Thanks man. I just dropped $800 on this pimpin Florida link mouthpiece. Total vintage. I completed depleted my savings account, but wtf, who cares!!
by bootysaxlick January 12, 2014

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Playing ridiculously high on an instrument.
Dude 1: I can play altissimo!!
Dude 2: I can't. You piss me off.
Dude 1: Overtones!
Dude 2: What.
by bootysaxlick January 11, 2014

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