the action of clasping someone's arm with both hands and twisting the skin in opposite directions.
Mom: If you are bad, I will give you an indian burn.
Kid: I am calling social services.
by phenixer May 27, 2013
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A pain-inducing prank, where the prankster grabs onto the victims forearm or wrist, and starts turning skin away from themselves with one hand, and with another hand towards themselves, causing a painful burning sensation to the skin.
"If you misbehave I'll give you an Indian Burn."
by cockstetter November 25, 2022
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The red raw spots around your butt hole after a native american uses only coos juice to penitrate the rear
Danny RunningBull gave me an Indian Burn when he went back door last night.
by The Skatmann November 24, 2011
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The chafing that can occur when performing DV(Dual Vaginal) or DA(Dual Anal) from the two rods rubbing together.
We didn't use enough lube when my buddy and I were giving this girl DVDA and we ending up with some serious indian burn.
by niparpapjs January 9, 2006
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Lighting one marijuana blunt with another marijuana blunt.
Nah don’t wast my zippo fluid, just indian burn it.
by Relipik January 26, 2019
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When your asshole is still raw after all the shidding and farding you've been doing.
Maaann... my asshole is raw, I got a Indian Burn.
by BigGLizzy69 October 29, 2018
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taking someones arm and ringing it like a wet towel to assert PAIN to the individual
by George February 23, 2005
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