A chav infested town in between Manchester and Liverpool. Most of the Warrington population include girl chavs that look like men sporting orange faces and tracksuits, guy chavs that think that they are harder than a brick wall and people that are about 50 but dress in lycra and animal prints. Their are a few cool people in Warrington, but they mostly escape and hang out in Manchester.
"That Warrington's a shit hole, i went out last night and got attacked by a group of chavs, i couldnt tell the difference between the guys and the girls."
by < Me > April 14, 2006
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A town famous for The Mighty Warrington Wolves and the awesome people who live there.

Warrington is halfway between Manchester and Liverpool and borders Widnes, Runcorn, St Helens and Wigan.

Warrington has friendly rivalries with the local rugby league towns.

Warrington is a lovely town and the town centre recently had a multi million new build adding more high street shops to the town.

Warrington was bombed in March 1993 by the IRA, this bombing killed 2 children, Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball instantly and also claimed another victim a few months later Bronwen Vickers.

Warrington is a town I am proud of.
"Warrington is a lovely town"
"RIP Tim Parry and Johnathan ball"
"I love Warrington"
"Warrington is near the m62 and the m6"
by WarringtonGirl1991 January 2, 2012
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Largest town in the UK filled with Chavs, Chindies, and Scene kids...
If you go to warrington on a friday night avoid eye contact with ANYONE! Don't step foot in Reef, 53 or Funky Box unless you have hair shorter than 0.0001mm otherwise you will be killed!
But... We love the fucking place!
I was in Warrington on new years eve... Whilst getting a piggy back off a friend to a kebab house I saw a guy get a bottle smashed over his head...
by Sickassmofo111 August 1, 2011
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A cooler fuckin little town in Bucks County, PA than Chalfont or C-font as the fags who live there call it.
Chalfont resident: I'm so gangsta cuz I live in da C-font. That's da fuckin hood, son!!!!

Warrington resident: Ya, tur u faggot, last I checked, we're in Bucks County, about an hour from fuckin Philly. Why don't u take ur white ass to South Philly and say that?
by durka sherpa jerka February 24, 2008
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A lovely town that is often criticised for the whole population of it to be "chavs" however that is very incorrect of course there are areas that aren't nice to the human eye but most of it is nice, great shops and various restaurants, Warrington Is great and a lovely place to live, don't believe in those stereotypes
Let's go shopping in Warrington
by Forster600 August 31, 2015
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A town situated in the North-West of England, in between Liverpool and Manchester. Famous for the Warrington wolves, masses of chavs and having their maccies targeted by the IRA.
Guy: Hey babes u wanna go get a maccies in Warrington?
Girl: No i don't want to get blown up
Guy: Fair enough
by don't cry i speak facts September 17, 2021
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Sexual act - masturbating into a female (or male, whichever floats your boat) and you ejaculate into her/his mouth and then the offender proceeds to spit the contents of your testicles onto her chest while performing a rubbing motion that can be seen practiced in karate kid.
Guy: I gave a chick a Warrington omelette last night. Guy 2: pure filth.
by Warrington omelette March 3, 2015
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