the bestest guy in the world, hard to find, one of a kind
"i wish i could find a guy like matty"
by badunkadunk October 4, 2005
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bestest guy friend you could have, funnayy, cute, totally fun to be around
but can also be a horny beast
Let's go to the movies with matty! That would be so much fun!

Matty, lets not have sex tonight, please.
by lanzzz=] December 25, 2008
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To open handedley slap someone. Denote disrespect for the person being slapped because they had pointed out you would never be the "American President" as played by Michael Douglas.
"shut up or i'm gonna fuckin' matty you!"

"i saw this guy talking to my girlfriend and to piss on my spot i mattied him"
by honeybadger0706 August 23, 2011
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the name of a person who is an absolute mad cunt
matty your such a mad cunt, why are you so cool, your my hero man i wish to be as buff as you one day
by ahjimmeh August 13, 2008
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n. A mixed drink consisting of one part Natural Light and one part MD 20/20.
Dude #1:"Man we're drinking Matty's tonight"
Dude #2:"Awful!"
Dude #1:"Yeah, but it'll get ya drunk!"
by James of FP7 November 13, 2006
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Mattie is a walking goddess.

She can sing, she’s usually an athlete, and she’s incredibly attractive, inside and out.

She may seem as a little bitchy at first, but once you crack the code, she’s super friendly.

But be warned, cracking her code is a very daunting task. She’s very hard to read, like maybe one day she’ll talk to you, but then the next it’s like you’re totally irrelevant.

She’s also very self-deprecating. Make sure to tell her how important and amazing she is. She’ll need it.

Mattie LOVES to argue. She won’t get offended at your opposing opinions; she’ll fight for her own.

Love her. Take care of her. Don’t let her get away.
“Mattie, you’re perfect.”

“Shut up, no I’m not.”

I beg to differ.”
by whattheactualheck January 22, 2018
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