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performing oral sex on a female
she likes to dig holes with her girlfriend
by penaltyqueen2011 November 16, 2009
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When you’re name is Ed and you dig holes
Double Dee, probably: Ed what in the sam hell are you doing
by pantaking69 June 30, 2022
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To put ones foot in their mouth. To talk Junk about something or someone to the point of no return. Recently made popular by Jay-Z on his latest album Kingdom Come.
I'm just waitin 'till you dig a hole big enough to put your whole body in
then i'm gon' body them

Little does she know she's diggin a hole the more she keeps talking.
by Draya December 19, 2006
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A phrase used to express disdain or displeasure at an individual's behavior, manner, or reputation, to the end of removing the offender, through shaming and humiliation, from a situation that might otherwise be considered tolerable.
"Everyone who generalizes is stupid!"

"Now, that isn't true."

"Who are you, Lord Oafish the Stupid of Idiotville!?"

"Oh, go dig a hole and jump in it."

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by Umsut May 23, 2012
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Sending someone off to dig a hole insinuating that if they don't go bury themselves soon you might have to help 'em with it.....
"This is the last time, please man...if I don't get that shit my girl's gonna leave me..."
".....I told you to stop callin' me here.....My friend... You are over...
....PS...... go dig a hole...."
by ultrafang May 8, 2007
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The phenomenon where road workers tear up a street and then never repave it; when people dig a hole to fix something in the street and never refill it

(also used for freeways and any other place road work was started and then left unfinished.)
Steve: Don't go down Pine Road.
Marvin: Why? They should be done the roadwork there by now.
Steve: Nah, they never finished it. It's hole digging and abandonment at its best.
by Nika Walsh October 9, 2011
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meaning it's easier to have a sex change operation from male 2 female...(cut off the male genetalia and create a vagina hole opening) than to have a female to male sex change operation...u can't cover the vagina hole opening and attach male genetalia, a bat and two balls a bat and two balls (penis and testicles)
pole means 8====> penis
Man 1: I want to have a sex change operation
Woman 1: You know what they say about sex change operations??? It's easier to dig a hole than build a pole...lolol
by blthrskt October 19, 2005
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