Hey bro! Don’t forget to bring some alcs for the pre-game tonight at my house!
by FuckingFuck123 August 10, 2018
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Acronym for "a little chuckle" as opposed to the over used lol, when something said is humorous but does not make you laugh out loud.
Matt: "Did you see the tweet of Anthony Weiner's weiner?"
Kim: "ALC. Yeah, what a freak..."
by Matterson83 June 21, 2011
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A rockin' punk band formed in Autumn 2004 by Sam Jones and Danny Evans.
ALC are fuckin' amazing!
Let's get pissed with ALC!
by Maelstrom September 24, 2004
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Additional Like Comment - if you like some post but you want to add a like on top of that, you add a self liked comment, often just with ALC as text. And obvious self-like attached.
Liked and ALC-ed once more
by Lishak May 12, 2020
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