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A disorder that a person is born with, which isn't contageous. If you have it, you're born with a lack of pigment (skin and hair color) and most of the time, legal blindness. A person with albinism is commonly called an "albino" even though it is considered politically incorrect. I'm albino, and I find it fine, stupid people don't want to admit who they are.
Person:"You're whiter than that dude powder from that movie, powder!" Me:"Um, yeah, I have albinism."
by Sincerity April 16, 2005
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An incredibly Caucasian activity, derived from the disease afflicting Albinos that makes their pigment white.
"The other day, my white neighbor Jeff offered to drive me to the Home Depot in his Pickup Truck. "
"Wow, that was a pretty big Albinism"
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by Stanley Herbert November 09, 2018
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