A disorder that a person is born with, which isn't contageous. If you have it, you're born with a lack of pigment (skin and hair color) and most of the time, legal blindness. A person with albinism is commonly called an "albino" even though it is considered politically incorrect. I'm albino, and I find it fine, stupid people don't want to admit who they are.
Person:"You're whiter than that dude powder from that movie, powder!" Me:"Um, yeah, I have albinism."
by Sincerity April 17, 2005
Albin is a funny and sexy guy with beautiful hair, handsom face and a stunning body. A real ladys man who is also extremely intelligent and will reach great success in life.
1. Ohh look it's Albin! I wish i could be like him
2. Wow he is so hot! It must be Albin!
by someone123455556 December 11, 2016
The coolest and hottest guy in the world. Huge penis but he's just a little short. Amazing basketball player, will cross you any day in the world. Amazing at video games, does amazing in school, bitches want his dick all the time. Did I mention that he's super hot and has a big penis.
Oh my god his penis is so big he must be named Albin
by Definitely not Albin November 16, 2018
albin, is a cool guy, who enjoys watching sunsets, drinking dr. pepper, drugs are bad
Hey, person, your very cool, so your a albin
by blah August 27, 2004
Noun- the act of tricking someone into paying you and then disregarding the deal. Usually applies to online scams and financial transactions.

Term is mainly used in the south-central United States, mostly in the Texas region.
I sent this youtube streamer twenty bucks to play a video of mine and he never did! He really pulled an Albin on me!
by Captain Deci December 14, 2019
Albin is a pretty and very smart guy. He has a pretty smile and a big personality. When you meet him he is kind and happy, but when you get to know him more and deeper he is going to open up him self. Albin gets nervous when he gets in a couple. You need to be whit him a lot and talk to him so he gets more comfortable. You can easily trust Albin, he is the answer.
by By Filippa December 4, 2020
Albin isn't a human he is a god! A Very successful man thats look very good. He is a ladies man that gets Every girl he want.And he is very rich
Do you see that handsome and beutieful man?that most be Albin
by King19211921 December 13, 2016