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A disorder that a person is born with, which isn't contageous. If you have it, you're born with a lack of pigment (skin and hair color) and most of the time, legal blindness. A person with albinism is commonly called an "albino" even though it is considered politically incorrect. I'm albino, and I find it fine, stupid people don't want to admit who they are.
Person:"You're whiter than that dude powder from that movie, powder!" Me:"Um, yeah, I have albinism."
by Sincerity April 17, 2005
An anime that was cancelled on cartoon network because it was expected to be bad, having few commercials. Hamtaro wasn't getting enough fans, so they cancelled sailor moon. Hamtaro is where they put all the commercials meanwhile, only one commercial break for sailor moon. Thinking only of money, Serena went bye bye.
Cartoon Network: "OH NO! Too many kids like this show. We didn't put enough commericals! We're screwed, hamtaro isn't getting enough ratings! Cancel the short-skirted bitch Sailor Moon, NOW!!"
by Sincerity April 17, 2005
The star of the anime FullMetal Alchemist. A boy who's mother died when he was young, so he and his brother tried to bring her back with alchemy, but instead, Ed lost a limb, and his brother Al lost his entire body. Edward used another limb, to put Al's soul in a suit of armor. Now they are searching for the Philosopher's Stone, a stone to help them regain their bodies. He also hates being called short or small. :)
"Have you ever noticed how short Edward Elric is?" Ed:"HEY!!! WHO'S CALLING ME A SHORT LITTLE SHRIMP YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE???!?!?!!"
by Sincerity April 17, 2005