A girl will be giving you head, right after you finish in her mouth you blow pepper in her face causing her to sneeze and the jizz to shoot our of her nose like fire from a dragon.
Jenny got a taste of the alaskan dragon today.
by thejakebush May 30, 2008
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When a man cums in the womans mouth and then you tell her that you have gonorrhea and the cum in her mouth comes out of her nose looking like a dragon
Dude, last night I gave Sindy the Alaskan Dragon, it was hilarious.
by MiniOmri November 18, 2007
The Alaskan Fire Dragon, performed with the man riding a moose.
"Hey man, I gave my girl the Alaskan Fire Dragon last night."
"Man, you are bad at this. I gave my girl the Alaskan Dragon Rider last night."
by BillCosby=Senpai October 5, 2016
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When a man cums in a womans mouth while recieving head and the cum is still inside of her mouth the man goes behind her pulls her hair back and whispers he has an std causing the cum to squirt out of the womans nose.
Joe came in Annas mouth and told her he had AIDS causing her to do the alaskan ice dragon.
by Joe VD August 2, 2006
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a sexual act in which a woman gives a man a blow job, as he ejaculates he shuts the womans mouth and whispers into her hear "I have syphilis", because of her astonishment, the cum comes out of her nose - - it looks like a dragon.
that girl was S'ing my D and I gave her the ol' Alaskan Fire Dragon - when it came out her nose... man, dudes.
by stinkoman December 17, 2004
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another 'odd sexual act' made up by a virgin
I can't get laid so instead I'll make up a new position and call it an alaskan snow dragon. Everybody on fark will be impressed.
by Sergent D March 16, 2005
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You cum in a girls mouth and then clamp her mouth shut. Then you tell her you have an STD. She freaks and tries to spit it out, but with her mouth closed still by you all the cum comes out her nose. That's an alaskan snow dragon son.
Giselle: This morning i was in class and cum started dripping out my nose!!!
Giselle: It's probably cuz Ian gave me an alaskan snow dragon last night! =)
by i a n g April 20, 2008
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