A funny charming boy who is constantly making jokes and trying to make people laugh. He loves music and makes up nicknames for himself
Stop ‘Akere-ing’ around.
by The 1’n’only March 15, 2018
A young boy that is always making jokes or trying to make someone laugh. He loves music and he likes making up nicknames for himself.
Stop makin’ an akere joke. joker comedian musician Chubby Cute
by The 1’n’only March 15, 2018
The most amazing teacher in the entire world. Always caring and loving and happy. Makes students feel like what they have to say is important.
Everyone has a teacher like an Akers

"My favourite teacher is like Akers."
by Abbigayle Maureen March 24, 2010
A word used to describe females who appear attractive from from far away but are notably unnattractive when they are near. (Looks good from 50)

The word is derived from the Eagles place kicker David Akers who is known for kicking long field goals.

It's a Philly thing...
"What do you think of that girl?"

"She's an Akers"
by McDaygos September 10, 2008
Basically an insult to anyone. Basically meaning you're dumb and you can't follow simple instuctions, and you're really gay and you like boys
Person 1: That guy is such an Aker
Person 2: Yeah... Jack Aker to be specific right? He's trying to brallugus me!
by Brugghers February 10, 2022
Really white. Like, Macklemore levels of white. Whiter than the old ladies that clap when the plane lands.
Bruh, Taylor Swift so Akers, she uses cocaine as makeup.
by Thiccccccccccccccccccccc Daddy November 19, 2018