14 definitions by Pitoyable

a.) A person who tells lies to get out of bad situations.

b.) A person that chats with someone who is incapable of understanding sarcasm.

c.) A person who lies to get in good with another.
I had to be a total bull shitter to keep from being grounded.
by Pitoyable May 3, 2005
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An older homosexual man. Usually is bipolar and distances himself from reality. A Garrison is afraid of expressing his inner feelings and is afraid of being alone. Usually has kinky lovers.

*Based on the character Mr. Garrison from "South Park".
Mr. Smith is such a Garrison
by Pitoyable May 13, 2005
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A homosexual woman who dresses like a man and takes on a male persona for entertainment or personal enjoyment.

*See drag queen
When my mother was in her drag king attire, I could not have picked her out of a line of dirty old men.
by Pitoyable May 3, 2005
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Originally a non-slang word, ain't began as a contraction for "am not", as in "I ain't stupid." When people began to use it improperly as in "He ain't", which should have been "He isn't", people came to consider it improper use of language. Today, it's known to be used predominantly in the south and by uneducated people.
I ain't yo' momma.

He ain't goin' to eat those nasty baked beans.
by Pitoyable May 3, 2005
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A homosexual man who dresses as a flamboyant woman for entertainment or personal enjoyment.
The drag queens were so beautiful that my brother wouldn't believe me when I told him they were men.
by Pitoyable May 3, 2005
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n. A transvestite is a man or woman who wears clothing of the opposite sex. Unlike the drag queen or draq king where the person is homosexual, a transvestite can be gay or straight.

Many tranvestites have a love of a particular type of clothing of the opposite sex, usually brought on by happy childhood memories of it.

*Not to be confused with the transsexual.
The transvestite down the street can always be seen wearing fluffy pink sweaters.
by Pitoyable June 13, 2005
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