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An exclamation. Used when one has done or said something particularly stupid.
boy#1: "What is Harmony of Color?"

boy#2: "Color that's harmonious. Narf!"
by Pitoyable May 21, 2005
A friendly use of the word bitch. Usually used in greeting one's friend, or when one has succeeded over someone.
Hey, beyotch!

You got owned, beyotch!
by Pitoyable May 3, 2005
A monkey's hard cock. Used for insults and lack of come backs.
*see monkeyhole

Came into use when a girl got tired of your mom and your face insults.
bob: you are a motley fool.
girl: You suck monkeybone.

boy 1: Say what? That don't make no sense.
boy 2: You're so hard-headed.
random boy: Yeah, you're such a monkeybone.
by Pitoyable May 9, 2005
a.)n. A state of mind

b.)adj. An adjective to describe something bigger and better.

c.) A state of the USA. It has crappy weather and has five of the fattest cities in America.
I can't wait until I leave Texas. I want to go to San Fransisco and be a gay porn director.
by Pitoyable May 21, 2005
n. A transvestite is a man or woman who wears clothing of the opposite sex. Unlike the drag queen or draq king where the person is homosexual, a transvestite can be gay or straight.

Many tranvestites have a love of a particular type of clothing of the opposite sex, usually brought on by happy childhood memories of it.

*Not to be confused with the transsexual.
The transvestite down the street can always be seen wearing fluffy pink sweaters.
by Pitoyable June 13, 2005
*see monkeyhole

Used as a insult or a friendly come back.

It's technically impossible to suck a monkey's asshole, so don't attempt it. The phrase "suck monkeyhole" is said to someone that is so full of shit, that they should go suck the shit out of a monkey's asshole to keep a steady supply.

*Literal translation for "suck monkeyhole": "You are such an asshole, whether it's intentional or not. For your own good, you should take a straw, shove it up a monkey's asshole, and suck real hard. Make sure you get as much shit as possible, because you're spitting so much out now that you may be running low on your shit-supply. I'm only telling you this because I love you."
bob: You are a motley fool.
girl: Suck monkeyhole!
by Pitoyable May 9, 2005