a loser, outcast, unwanted. Has very small penis
"I feel like a complete age."
"God, Becky, you're such an age!"
"Get lost! Can't you see your age here?"
"Whoa that's ages tiny"
by Sam :D August 26, 2003
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Friendly dude: "Age is just a number."
Cop: "And jail is just a place."
by ShittyBitch777 December 13, 2020
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A question asked if a male or female wants to know what the person there talking to’s age so they don’t get arrested if they ever hook up. Usually this question will come up after the person asks m or f? (Male or Female).Chat-sites like Omegle, Ome.tv, and 123Chat are where this question is most commonly asked.
by Urmomkindasucksngl July 04, 2021
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Age is only a number
50year old man: wanna fuck I will make ur PG
6 year old girl: sure g I can’t take nuffin smaller than 7inches

50 year old: oh it’s alright it 9inch bb
6year old: lets get down and dirty plus age is only a number
by I eat noodles 101 January 19, 2020
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