by Table 278 YT January 28, 2023
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Random letters, numbers, and symbols crammed together when e-mailing, texting, instant messsaging, ect., that mean absolutely nothing. Often the result of being confused, angry, or an akward silence, otherwise the person is just being anoying.
InstantMessage1: Uhm, there's nothing to talk about.....

InstantMessage2: sjhudfh8907'i'90-89a700a97@!!!!!!!???@Q@@@!!!!!!!!

InstantMessage1:Wow, that was a total Keybord Overkill
by DictionarySurfer March 24, 2009
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IRL they are actually just a beta bitch but online talk mad shit as if they were a "real" alpha. Will type paragraphs at you of how there a badass and can bench more than you. Are normally below the 5'4' range and weigh just under or above 100 lbs. Tend to have no real friends and sit in the outer circle of there friend group.
Joined the Discord community and "keybord alpha" approached me and asked how much bench and said would cuck me because he benched more than his weight (102lbs btw)
by ChadOnTheDisco March 26, 2019
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