"Away From Keyboard"
This means that you are temporarily away from the keyboard during an online game with other humans.
In an online role-playing game you are chatting to your mates. Then you must leave the computer so you say:
"I'm AFK for a bit".

They then know that you are away for a bit.
by Roger Derbyshire July 13, 2005
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Jill: Hey Joe
Jill: Joe, are you there?
Jack: I think Joe is away right now.
(5 minutes later)
Joe: Oh sorry Jill I was AFK.
by internetBS June 08, 2013
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"Away From Keyboard". Commonly used on MSN/AIM or while roleplaying. Instead of setting status on MSN to "Away" they put "AFK" in their name. Also used when leaving your computer on over night.

"Kay. I'll be AFK for a while."

"Alright, talk to you later dude."
by Claire.xx February 01, 2009
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Used on online gaming, this literally means Away From Keyboard. Used to say if somebody is inactive.
I was kicked for being AFK in the game
by T8rt0t October 02, 2018
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Meaning "Away from keyboard"; in other words- I'm not at the damn computer at the moment, stop talking to me!
"It's time for dinner, I'm going afk for a while."
"Kay, ttyl."
by Parisa Baripour February 26, 2008
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