Afgan Dan is a rapper from Benji media with a 69 inch cock and has been the pussy smashing champion for 21 years in a row! All in all he is a great man and very talented in bed
"Ooooh here comes Afgan Dan on his last women he's starts to ride... Can he stay on? Oh he does Afgan Dan claims the pussy smashing champion for the 21st time!"
by Pussay slaya 445 October 22, 2018
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the sexual act of shiting into a codom, freezing it, the taking turns rubbing it on the body of your partner.
Ginni gave Jackson an afgan popsicle he'll never forget. and he smelled like shit
by prithvi klatka April 12, 2012
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A type of humiliation that a gay man can do to a straight man to show victory over him. The homosexual places both testicles into both the losers eyes, obviously done to an unconcious opponent. This can be catagorised as 'happy slapping.'
"How do thoes Afgan goggles fit sucker!"
by Sean_David_Iley April 21, 2008
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Like the traditional snowball, but when you've ejaculated into their mouth, slit the partners throat and drink the blood and semen mixture.
Did you see the footage of the taliban doing the afgan snowball? Don't worry, it'll be on 4chan in no time.
by allah-the-movie August 30, 2007
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When you Spread your butt cheaks over your mates face, and proceed to shit into their mouth, while they are making a bomb.
I laid some afgan ham on my mates face at sunrise, because she hinted she was hungry.
by Soggydingdong123 February 7, 2011
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hang around the tube stations and beg for money for 'their babys nappys'. how perfetic.
by ???????? December 2, 2003
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