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kanji dictionary(japanese), it means power!
focus,use your chikara wisely!
by ???????? May 21, 2004
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The most sexiest thing on the planet. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum yum
im feeling kinda dhrushil today
by ???????? January 18, 2005
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held to very high standards
he is a banno among men
by ???????? June 28, 2003
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when you collect money for poor people or people in need and keep the dosh for yourself!!!!
people in london do it all the friggin time!!!
by ???????? December 02, 2003
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originated from shirley! currently residing in the jungle or great dover street. smells of peanut poopoo. has sex with minty only when he is on his reds
jetwa loves fat minty's fat thighs
by ???????? January 18, 2005
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someone who performs oral sex on themselves
check out marylin manson
by ???????? December 02, 2003
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A very very very sexy hot hot hot person who everyone loves and cant go on with out. He is sweated by mad girls kelsey A. Jackie L. Shawna H. all them plus gay guys like ali p. Who once asked if he could suck his dick for five dollars cuz he is so gay. No one can live without hot devin bey. I love devin bey so much he is like the best in the world he makes freddi cooger look tremendlisy hot and makes ali p look like a guy. people all over the world buy extra teeth just incase they run into devin just to smile for his great hotness. Woman bow down to him and beg to kiss his feet because he is so great. Devin Bey has to live in secret from public so girls dont try to rip off his cloths and auction them on ebay cuz he is so hot......he makes conor h look like a woman..He even has miss otoole begging him to just touch her nipples.
Ali p..Devin can i please please touch u
Devin.. No ali im sorry because if i touch u i could go to jail from killing u from touching my greatness..it could overcome u and make u pass out and die ..im sry
Next day...Mrs otoole...devin im quiting being your teacher becuase your so sexy you make my nipple so hard then poke holes in my shirts.
Devin..no dont leave
Mrs otoole...the only way i will stay is if you fuck the shit out of me
Devin..im sry im to good for you..
by ???????? March 23, 2005
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