3 definitions by Sean_David_Iley

The shortened phrase - sort your life out. Simple phrase with an obvious meaning.
Q. "wanna see my joey, my invisible dog?"
A. sylo...
by Sean_David_Iley April 14, 2008
A type of humiliation that a gay man can do to a straight man to show victory over him. The homosexual places both testicles into both the losers eyes, obviously done to an unconcious opponent. This can be catagorised as 'happy slapping.'
"How do thoes Afgan goggles fit sucker!"
by Sean_David_Iley April 21, 2008
Home of the chav, drug capital of the UK and a rite shithole. Although,neighbouring Newcastle needs to be cock slapped because it is somehow even worse.
"Christ this place stinks of shit! are we in manchester?
..."No middlesbrough"
by Sean_David_Iley April 4, 2008