Term used to describe the Afghanistan faction of woodys empire
Woodys empire stretches worldwide the afgan woodys are latest faction of cult.
by afgan woody August 30, 2021
The dirtiest most anal satisfying sex position ever invented. Pioneered in Gunnedah, once you've been fuel pumped you will never go back
I have her the afgan fuel pump
by Afghanyyy January 11, 2014
(New Turkish "1930's-") afgan: Afghan; person who comes from Afghanistan or a descendant of these people. < (New Ottoman "1830's-1920's") افغان afgan. < (Persian) افغان afgân: people living in the mountainous regions between Kandahar and the Indus river for a long time.

(1) Cannabis which comes from Afghanistan; the Afghan cannabis; the Afghan marijuana.
(2) Marijuana in general, (slng.) Afgani Indica.
Orada otururken 'Afgan' adını verdikleri bir tür esrarı içmeye başladılar. || While they were sitting there, they started smokin' a type of weed they called 'Afghan'.
by OldbutGoldPenny April 26, 2021
Black film that cover the bottom of a smoking pipe.
He smoked his glass pipe and left it all black and Afganic.
by Daisy rain April 1, 2016