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fake adidas. some stupid company would name its products adibas to fool stupid people.
- hey look at those adidas shoes, they are only 20 bucks

- no you idiot those are adibas.
by raed February 20, 2004
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1. (n.) Known as the hottest girl in the room; she fears nothing and never ceases to surprise a single soul with her beauty. Every man wants her and every woman wants to be her.
Two corporate executives on a boat eye f***ing a gorgeous dark-haired arabian girl, "Well hello there.." One of them nods in her direction, explaining to his friend, "brains, beauty, and personality??? no way.. her name has to be Adiba."
by jrosn3 July 12, 2006
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Adiba is a tall, beautiful girl who fears nothing and does all the things she wants to. Adiba is usually black or brown haired and she is the hottest in the room and she f**king hot and everyone want to be her and wants her. The name Adiba usually has the zodiac sign cancer or Aquarius. Love her and she will love you and she is never a player and always loyal.
“Bro, look at Adiba, she looks so fu**ing hot today!”
by bookie_cookie July 22, 2018
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