A group of girls who have come together because they look similar, and are now kind of friends.
Frat bro #1: "The aephi sorority just uploaded their spring break pictures, and I can't tell any of them apart."
Frat bro #2: "I know what you mean. I thought I was fucking Ashley the other day, but it turned out to be Jennifer."
Frat bro #1: "Same shit, they're both from Long Island."
by thekid9176 July 22, 2015
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A group of girls who pay to have friends.
Girls join a sorority and then pay to be in it. That is how they make friends, by money.
by Idon'tpaytohavefriends October 21, 2009
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An organization for the most useless of the useless. Makes people feel like they are part of something to give their puny life's a lift. Follows an extremely funny structure that makes the rats in the maze think they are doing something. Morals? no thanks that word sounds very dull and boring. Have no friends? Dint have such a "kool" K-12? Do you desperately seek to socialize? Want to know where the parties and events are at? Join a sorority. They will group you and a bunch of other girls that signed up and will give you a part in a Greek label. And now you are magically best friends, or shall I say sisters with people you never knew in your life but are meaningless exactly like you and I. Follow every bit of influence, satisfy every bit of pressure, follow tradition, trust everyone around you, and most of all, make sure you blend in so you too can be in with the crowd.
I didnt have any friends and nothing to do at my new school. So I joined a sorority. They helped me out. Now I am in charge of holding the beer pong for my sisters every weekend.
by knowit September 10, 2008
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1. A collegiate organization for women who either subscribe to the ideals of fascism - specifically the belief that ordered communities of learning should be structured along arbitrary social lines of division which should then be distinguished from one another by the letters of an extinct alphabet and further reinforced by secret ceremonies and pledges of allegiance to their clan - or for women who just want to get drunk and screw around a lot.
2. A community of college age women who are united in their passionate thirst to shop, especially when it comes to buying themselves friends.
Although the above definitions do not apply to any sorority in particular, I believe they nonetheless characterize the spirit of most sororities currently active in United States academia.
by nethcev! August 18, 2006
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A lesbian cult. Very selective entrance
*whispers in ear secret passcode*- sorority lyfe
by wavylaysruffles January 1, 2012
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It IS a life-long support system that provides career opportunities and networking opportunities during college and beyond in the real world, an organization that values philanthropy and community service, a place where women learn to be leaders, and place to meet amazing women who will always be there for you when you need them.

It is NOT a place that puts your looks and wardrobe ahead of your values and personality, full of stupid girls who are only out to have a good time, a place that will haze you or make you do things against your will, full of rich, spoiled and snobby girls, a place that is only interested in your money while you're in school and will forget about you after you graduate.
A few famous women who were in a sorority include:

Nancy Grace - CNN Journalist, Kimberly Williams - Actress, Lucy Liu - Actress, Alicia Keys - Singer, Aretha Franklin - Singer, Katie Couric - CBS Anchor, Condoleeza Rice -National Security Advisor, Rosa Parks - Mother of the Civil Rights Movement, Julia Louis Dreyfuss - Actress, Molly Sims - Actress, Model, Sheryl Crow - Singer, Kate Spade - Designer, Georgia O'Keefe - Artist, Ali Landry - Former Miss USA, Actress, Ashley Judd - Actress, Erin Andrews - ESPN Reporter, and Kristin Chenoweth - Actress
by GreekLove&Mine May 9, 2012
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A group of attractive females who do nice things.
"Yo, you ever check out the girls from that sorority? They're pretty hot."
by jmorley13 March 9, 2021
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