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At first glance at their facade, they seem to be quite distanced, cold, boring and sometimes 'weird' but under this, there is a person who is willing to help you with every one of his ability, a person who can talk and be talked to, understand your needs and wants as well as being able to describe his own in order to meet a compromise and most importantly, being dependable at times when you need help.

The one I know of currently, has a great smile that would even make you smile at one of your days, a good listening ability, deep and emotive eyes that express more than his face which he constantly hides (besides his smile) and a great sense of humour that many would assume he didnt have.

He's definitely one of the people whom many people would like once they enter an Adams' sphere where they would understand why he is the way he is.
I wish I could be like an Adam

Have you heard of Adam?
by warsonwords_right November 15, 2011

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Felipes' tend to be quiet, thoughtful and intelligent individuals who is able to listen attentively, is able to consider the needs of others before his own, perhaps enjoy outdoor activities and various sports that involve stamina and are very pleasant person to talk to when others dont apporach you.

The one I know has dark eyes that smile and when he does smile, it is one of the most sneaky ones you'd ever see, approachable and is quite charismatic with his smooth talk with girls.
Damn, he is a Felipe.

Wish he was a Felipe.
by warsonwords_right November 15, 2011

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