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A beautiful girl with big brown eyes and a sparkling curious personality that not one person cant Miss. A girl with such a desire to discover the world and unveil it's secrets.
Girl: Hey, uh, do you have a pencil?

Girl: No.

Girl: Then what's in that pouch hidden under your chair?

Girl: *scoffs* Geez adalynn, why you gotta be so nosey?

Girl: *Shrugs* I'm not NOSEY, just really.... Curious.
by ā™„ Jay ā™„ March 01, 2015
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smart , curious girl with bright blue eyes and soft blonde hair. she loves to make new friends and will always give you a second chance, cant stay mad at you for long and if she dose you know its bad.
adalynn is the sweetest girl ever.
by halli for life May 20, 2018
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